NOVENA through the intercession of Saint Ursula

Saint Ursula Ledóchowska

       Oh, Jesus, I commend to your Heart this intention ........ Look upon my intention and do that which your heart desires. Allow your merciful Heart to act. Oh, Jesus, I count on you. Placing my trust in you I surrender myself completely to you, because I am sure of you.

       Oh, Heart of Jesus, so full of love, all my trust is in you, since I, without your help, am capable of every evil, but I expect everything from your goodness. Amen.


       By the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, accept, O God, the prayers offered to you through the intercession of Saint Ursula, faithful imitator of the virtues of the Heart of your Son, and grant us the favours we are confidently asking for. Amen.

       Saint Ursula, pray for us!









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