Selected Thoughts
from the writing of the Servant of God



      No one is in a position to uplift modern man only Jesus living in us.

      Take your name deep down in the book of life through your holy acts offered to God.

      God receives every deed done to your neighbour as if it were done to Him.

      Beautiful is the soul which repays all acts with kindness. God loves such a soul without measure, because there is an echo of Himself in her.

      God hides Himself in you to watch your life.

      Often adore God, hidden in the form of bread and living in your soul.

      Love of God and thanksgiving to Him can truly restore mankind and make it happy.

      A man who loves everyone breathes with God; he has the spirit of God itself and pours it out to those around him.

      It is necessary to live in pure love of God, then the love of neighbor and of self becomes like unto the love which God shows us.

      To live with God is to desire to be with Him at all times and that in the end one might aquire Him.




Source: Prayers to the Most Holy Soul of Christ the Lord. Wydawnictwo "Czuwajmy", Kraków, 1998.


The Servant of God Paula Sophia Tajber