Servant of God

Sister Maria Dulcissima
Helena Hoffmann

Servant of God Sister Maria Dulcissima Helena Hoffmann (1910 - 1936)

(1910 - 1936)



       Helena Joanna Hoffman was born on February 7, 1910 in Zgoda (nowadays- a district of Świętochłowice) in an iron worker's family. From her Silesian home, which brimmed over with sincere Godliness, she received deep faith and a Christian outlook at this world's matters and a special sensitivity to other people's work and suffering.

       In 1928 she was admitted to the Order of Mary the Immaculate. On October 23, 1929 she took her vows and her new name - sister Maria Dulcissima. In spite of suffering a relapse of the illness, whose first signs showed up before Christmas 1928, she deepened her spiritual life. She was always modest and humble, full of love to the Superiors and other sisters, ready to pray and work.

       On January 1, 1933 she arrived in Brzezie on the Oder River, where on April 1935 she took the perpetual vows in the chapel oft he monastery in Brzezie. Her sufferings intensified there but she kept visiting sick people's homes, awakening admiration in other people through her generous life.

       She joined her sufferings with Jesus Christ's, the only Saviour's sufferings, offering them for the Holy Church, the Holy Father, bishops, priests, the Order to which God sent her and for all people in need, especially for sinners.

       Totally submitted to God's will, slie died on May 18, 1936 in Brzezie on the Oder and she was buried in the old cementary near the church in Brzezie. Even during her life she enjoyed great respect of the faithfull. Because of her noticeable holiness, right after her death she was spontaneously adored for her sanctity.

       The catholic laymen from Brzezie and the surrounding parishes speak about numerous good graces obtained from God thanks to her intercession. She has many worshippers among chiidren, teenagers and adults who commend their problems to God, praying at her grave.

       The memory of the unusual life of sister Dulcissima is still alive. The flowers on her grave don't fade, the candlelight doesn't go out. The prayer and the conviction that her intercession to God is effective, are still lasting.




       God, Father of Mercy, you have reconciled the world with You by the Death on the Cross and the Resurrection of Your beloved Son Jesus Christ. You call upon all belivers to join their sufferings with the Saviour's for the good of His Body, the Church. Take as an acceptable sacrifice the humble life of Your servant sister Dulcissima, which was marked with carrying her everyday cross, Endow her with the glory of the Blessed ones in Your Kingdom and listen to the prayers of Your people, brought to You by her intercession. Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen



Thanksgivings for the graces received through the intercession of the Servant of God,
Sister Maria Dulcissima Helena Hoffmann, may be sent under indicated address:

Siostry Maryi Niepokalanej
ul. Krasińskiego 21
40-019 Katowice


Siostry Maryi Niepokalanej
ul. abpa Józefa Gawliny 5
47-406 Racibórz - Brzezie n/Odrą




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